CHARLIE CHAPLIN - Stage by Stage

by A.J Marriot


CHAPLIN Stage by Stage First Edition A.J Marriot
If you believe that everything that could be written about Charlie Chaplin has been written - then prepare to be shocked! Within these pages are to be found accounts of ALL the dates and venues for Chaplin's thousands of stage appearances in the UK US America and Canada before he went into films. These begin early in 1899 and continue until the end of 1913, almost without a break. To compile such a list, totalling some estimated seven hundred dates, was a mammoth task but, one hundred years after they were made, they are now FINALLY on record, along with the corresponding venue, play, sketch, or act in which Chaplin was appearing. You will find the detail truly staggering.

The book will also provide many unknown facts about the lives of two other show business legends, namely Fred Karno and Stan Laurel, whilst destroying many myths, mistakes, lies and legends, in the accounts written by Chaplin himself.

If you don't know Chaplin before 1914 - you don't know Chaplin at all.

('A.J' Marriot 2005)


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