STAN LAUREL - Stage by Stage

by A.J Marriot

Stan Laurel Stage by Stage by A.J Marriot.

LAUREL - Stage by Stage - is the prequel to 'A.J' Marriot's  books: Laurel & Hardy's 'British Tours'; 'US Tours;' and 'European Tours;' and a companion to CHAPLIN Stage by Stage. It narrates all of Stan Laurel's stage shows, from his earliest appearances in British pantomime (as Stanley Jefferson), right up to his last-ever stage show before entering films.
Along the way he spends over three years touring with Charlie Chaplin, in the Fred Karno Company. The next eight years are spent touring in US vaudeville, playing in song-dance-and-comedy sketch acts with various partners.

Readers will experience every low and high as this comic genius tries to unshackle himself from the hardship and tedium of vaudeville, during a number of attempts to get into the world of film comedy. The amount of detail revealed about these 'lost' tours is astounding.
Read, and be amazed!

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Once again an all-encompassing labour of love – your energy and research amazes me. With unstinting admiration and every good wish.
John Fisher (Magician and former TV producer)
Dear AJ, Thank you so very much for my book which came today. The hard work and photographs in this book of Stan Laurel is unique and very fascinating. Congratulations and may I say what a delightful evening I have spent reading this. I am over the moon with this book, and I can't put it down. It’s been a best day ever getting this book today. I Thank you AJ for an insight into a comic genius.
Kind regards, Deborah Thraves
Your books are great, as always.
Bruno Raber, Switzerland
Hello AJ,
It's gorgeous. You really outdid yourself with this one, AJ....many images and clippings I've never seen before.
Allen M. Deraney [Vice Sheik, Flying Deuces tent, New Jersey]
I could not believe how much information you have found, plus all the illustrations. Once again it looks like you have gone into the finest details.
Rob Lewis [Grand Sheik, Helpmates UK]

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Laurel and Hardy Books on Lulu by A.J Marriot

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