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The book is amazing! So many interesting details unearthed – I am impressed. And so many photos I never saw before!

Bram Reijnhoudt (Blotto editor)

Hello Marriot,

Yesterday I received your books! Thank you, thank you and thank you again, are gorgeous and there are some beautiful pictures. I saw my name among your thanks, I do not find the words to thank you, for me it is a great honor. GRAZIE MILLE. Ciaoooo

Giancarlo Manfredini [Oasis 306 - Blotto - Cremona Italia]

Hello A.J.

Thanks so much for the book. Yet another amazing piece of work by you and a special addition to my collection! Thanks again & keep up the great work.

Regards, Shaun Livesey. (BLACKBURN)

What a wonderful book! It was about time that someone skilled like you put together all the infos about the coming of the Boys in Europe and especially in Italy! Your well researched book covers many aspect that was ignored before, it will be a mile stone for the others L&H scholars. Good luck for your upcoming works, I will purchase them when available!

Alessandro Santi (ITALY)

Just finished your book, which I found a joyous excursion in its own right. You did some job patching together all their destinations. The photos were wonderful. Anyway, once again, the European Tours was a wildly overdue that you made a very entertaining journey.

Best, Barry Rivadue (New York)

Hej AJ,

It was so nice to finally read through all the hard work you've done over the past few years, all that information and news cuttings put in order to finally tell the Swedish story! It made me really proud to be part of it:

Many many thanks again, Chris James (Sweden)

I'm very happy to let you know that the book arrived last Friday. It's up to your usual high standards and I am enjoying it greatly. Thank you again for all of your labors even though I'm sure they're labors of love regarding L&H.

Best wishes, Don Nichols, California

Thanks so much for your wonderful LAUREL AND HARDY - THE EUROPEAN TOURS book!!!
I hope that's enough thanking!

Harry Hoppe, (Germany)

I finished your latest book and it was quite a treat. It's an essential part of the trilogy and a great read.

Chris Seguin (Toronto)

Well what can i say? Superb? wonderful? impressed? happy? yes indeed and more so. Absolutely knocked out by the quality and effort that has gone into producing these books. Just flicking through i can tell the love and attention to detail.

Many many thanks, Mike Salter (Bristol)


Belated congratulations on another fascinating, eye-opener of a book. I very much enjoyed reading it and coming across all those nuggets of information we would never had known

Best Wishes, Danny Lawrence  (author)


Dear Mr. Marriot:
Like all your books, it did not disappoint! The amount of research you put into each volume is staggering and exhaustive and you are to be praised for your good works.
I eagerly await the book you mention in the back of the book, the study of Stan Laurel's stage career. If it is anything like the book you did on Chaplin's stage career, we should all learn a great deal of new information and gain an even greater impression of his career and his brilliance.

Thank you again for your work! Bill Jannke, Watertown, Wisconsin, USA


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