laurel & hardy in ulverston

First port of call is very apt, as it is the number one place to
visit for Laurel & Hardy fans - 3 Argyle Street.
This is where
Arthur Stanley Jefferson was born on 16 June 1890.

The windows and doors have been replaced but, other than that,
the facade is unchanged. One resident of Argyle Street claims
that the house where Stan was born was demolished long ago.
This is baloney. One can easily compare “then and now”
photographs, and identify every brick.

Right: A very young Stanley Jefferson with his Grandma Metcalfe.

Laurel and Hardy in ulverston

Oliver Hardy in Ulverston

You should also take a visit to the Coronation Hall, where Laurel and Hardy attended a
civic reception in May 1947. They appeared on the balcony, and waved to the
massive crowd in County Square, below. It was here that Laurel was presented with a
copy of his birth certificate. Before then, he thought he had been made in Taiwan.

The book contains two photos from Stan and Ollie's visit, plus extracts from THREE letters written by Laurel, telling of
the thrill of going through his former home, and the wonderful reception he was given by the people of Ulverston.

To find out the full details of these stories, and others covering Laurel and Hardy touring England,
Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Southern Ireland (Eire),
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