LAUREL and HARDY - The British Tours

Part 1 - Stage to Screen [1925 to 1951]

by A.J Marriot

Extensively revised, reformatted and expanded version of the 1993 First Edition hardback book.

LAUREL and HARDY British Tours the book the film Stan & Ollie was based on.
   The story starts in 1925, just prior to Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel meeting up at the Hal Roach Studios, and relates how they went on to become an inseparable partnership.

  We then fast forward to the promotional tour of major cities in England and Scotland, which Stan and Ollie undertook in the summer of 1932.
  Fast forward again to their 1947 British stage tour, for which readers are given a full account of every theatre engagement and every act they worked with; their travel arrangements; the hotels they stayed in; the people they met; previously undocumented public appearances. and descriptions of the crowds of thousands who mobbed them and left them reeling from the onslaught.
  The 1947 and 1948 European Tours are skimmed over, as these are detailed in full in LAUREL and HARDY - The European Tours, as is the 1950-51 making of the film Atoll K, but the Boys’ earlier return to England, to appear on the 1947 Royal Variey Performance, is covered in the fullest detail.

 210 pages - 325 rare and previously unpublished illustrations

The book is much much more than just an extended date-sheet; it is an account of the love which the British retained for the two Hollywood comedians after Hollywood had turned its back on them.
It is a story of two brilliant performers who had to learn to adapt from film- to stage-work, and survive through the changing modes of comedy and the changing moods of theatre audiences.
It is also a story of two men, handicapped by age and illness, overcoming the exhaustion of touring and performing up to thirteen shows per week. All is brought to light in this engaging book.

LAUREL and HARDY Books Newcastle 1953.

LAUREL and HARDY - The British Tours - Parts 1 and 2
are extensively illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs,
and are the books that every true fan should read.

LAUREL and HARDY - The British Tours
Part 2 - The Last Stage

covers the 1950, 52, and 53-54 Tours

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