LAUREL and HARDY - The British Tours

Part 2 - The Last Stage

by A.J Marriot

The film 'Stan & Ollie' was based on LAUREL & HARDY - The British Tours,
and Marriot was a consultant for the film production company.


Stan & Ollie film book

Second Edition Part 2 - Extensively revised, reformatted and expanded version of the 1993 First Edition hardback.
LAUREL and HARDY British Tours the book the film Stan & Ollie was based on.
   Part 2 — picks up from 1951 when Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy returned home after the making of the film Atoll K. It reveals details of the many projects they were offered, all of which were either turned down as being unsuitable, or just never materialised.

So, in 1952, it was a second life-line thrown by impresario Bernard Delfont, which saw the two former Hollywood legends returning for another stage tour of Variety theatres throughout England, Northern Ireland, Eire, Wales, and Scotland.

At the finish, a tour of British Variety theatres was again Stan and Babe’s only feasible offer, for which they returned in October 1953, and played through till the Spring of 1954.

Readers are given a full account of the theatres they played, the acts they worked with, their travel arrangements; the hotels at which they stayed; the people they met; and their many public appearances. The book is narrated in such an informative and engaging style, that you will feel you are travelling with the two stars.

208 pages - 265 rare and previously unpublished illustrations

LAUREL and HARDY - The British Tours
Part 1 - Screen to Stage

Part 1 covers the 1932, 47, 48, and 51 Tours

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