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Laurel and Hardy the British Tours book by A.J Marriot.

LAUREL & HARDY The British Tours

What they said:

I am delighted to have a copy of your wonderful book. It is an absolute joy to read.

A.J. Marriot has given the fans of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy an exceptionally skilful, accomplished and memorable book, and I applaud him.
(ERIC NICHOLSON - Comedy Lecturer)

The book is superb - a veritable treasure-trove of fascinating insights and anecdotes.
(PETER GOODWRIGHT - TV, Radio, and Theatre comedy star)

To say that I am delighted with this book is an understatement. It is a pleasure to read and Mr. Marriot has captured the charm of Laurel and Hardy throughout.
(ROY WALTON - Comedy and Magic Shop owner)

You have done what I did not think possible, you have enhanced and increased my love for Laurel and Hardy - and for that you have my thanks.
(JOHN ROCHE - Pembroke)

This book is a must for theatregoers weaned on the music halls, as they will revel in
the wealth of theatrical detail recorded.

.. it certainly is required reading, not only by Laurel and Hardy fans, but anyone
interested in the British Variety theatre.

..... a fascinating read ...

The author's research is staggering, but from it Laurel and Hardy emerge as kind, sensitive men,
always ready to spend time with their fans.

All fans of Laurel and Hardy will relish this meticulous, wonderfully researched book ...
and learn in the process about the vanished variety stage and the pleasure  it brought to us all
in the days before television.

Mr Marriot has produced an awesomely researched book which is absolutely unmissable
for any Laurel and Hardy devotee.

The book manages to paint portraits of the two men that showed they could be human, upset or occasionally cranky, yet their basic kind humanity showing through. I think you get more of a sense of them as people than from any other of the Laurel and Hardy books.
(PEPPER BOOKS - California)

It made me laugh and made me cry. How strange to have such strong feelings about two people I never met, but then your book brought them alive. What more could one wish for?
(TANIA M. EDWARDS - London W14)

Unlike most recent books, your book documents much that was not known by Sons. It's truly outstanding.
(GINO DERCOLA - Columbia, USA)

Words fail me in adequately expressing my heartfelt appreciation to you for writing this
important history in the lives of Laurel and Hardy.
(MARK A. MILLER - Columbus, Ohio)

I read your book in one go, and felt I was actually there.
Every Son should have a copy.

I don't think I have ever enjoyed a book so much as Laurel and Hardy - The British Tours.
(DAVID KING - New Milton)

PLEASE NOTE: The above description is for the 1993 Hardback 1st Edition.
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